Travel Meals Charged to Grants and Contracts

Meals charged to grants are individual meals consumed while on business-related travel. In general, business meals are not to be charged to a Federal grant or contract unless the terms specifically allow it.


  1. Travel
  • Employees must select either actual expenses or per diem for the entire trip

Actual Expenses

  • Receipt(s) are required if meal is $75 or more
  • Receipts must include date, name and location of restaurant and amount of expense
  • Detailed/itemized receipts are required


Per Diem

  • Refer to Federal Per Diem Rates on the GSA Website. Local units may have a more restrictive policy
  • For the first and last days of travel reduce the per diem by 25%
  • Reduce the per diem for any meals that are provided as part of a conference or as a business meal
    1. 25% for breakfast
    2. 25% for lunch
    3. 50% for dinner


  1. Alcoholic Beverages
  • Alcohol cannot be charged to a Federal grant account