Spouse or Dependent Travel

Spousal travel is generally limited to Deans and Senior Officers and should occur infrequently. Spousal travel must be pre-approved according to the approval hierarchy shown below. Approval will only be granted when the presence of the spouse on a business trip serves a bona fide “business purpose”, i.e. fundraising or recruiting. IRS regulations outline the requirements for reimbursement for spousal travel and failure to meet those requirements will result in the determination of additional taxable income to the employee. (IRS Regulation 463)

Spouse or dependent travel requires documented pre-approval following the hierarchy demonstrated below:

  • President must be approved by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees
  • Provost must be approved by the President or Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer must be approved by the President
  • Deans must be approved by the Provost
  • Officers must be approved by either the Chief Financial Officer, Provost or President
  • All other faculty or staff requests by the Associate Vice President for Finance