Non-Reimbursable Expenses

The traveler should assume that any item not specifically addressed in University Policy 1202 is not accepted as a University travel expense. Below are some examples of items that are non-reimbursable:

  • Airline club/lounge (one-time access pass or annual membership). Refer to Financial Policy 1209 for additional information regarding membership fees.
  • Babysitter fees
  • Cell phones—Reimbursement of monthly service plans, stipends, and equipment purchases though GEMS/Concur
  • Clothing rental (tuxedo, evening attire, etc.)
  • Domestic car rental collision and damage waiver (CDW) insurance
  • Health club fees
  • In-fight movies
  • “Mileage Multiplier” programs (purchase additional miles per flight)
  • Pay TV and video rentals
  • Personal injury (PI) insurance coverages. Refer to Insurance for Business Travel.
  • Personal items