1. Lodging
    •  The University will pay for standard room rate lodging when on valid University business travel.
  1. Frequent Flyer Programs
    • The University allows travelers to accrue their own hotel rewards/points for trips taken on University business
    • The University does not pay for hotel stays or upgrades purchased with personal credits and/or rewards/points
  1. Temporary Living Expenses
    • Prior written approval of the Provost’s Office for academic employees and University Human Resources for non-academic employees is required
    • Complete a Moving Expense Reimbursement Form and process it through the Payroll Department. Approval must be on file in Payroll before any reimbursement can be processed. All moving expense reimbursements are considered taxable income
    • Visitors who will be at the University for less than one year are governed by the rules and regulations of the Travel Policy
  1. Advance air, hotel deposits and registration fees (whether purchased on a personal credit card or your GEMS card) can be immediately reconciled and submitted in the GEMS expense reimbursement system