Car Rental

Car Rental
1. The University will pay for work-related car rental services up to an economy rental car.
2. Frequent Flyer Programs

• The University allows travelers to accrue their own frequent flyer mileage for trips taken on University business.
• The University does not pay for rentals or upgrades purchased with personal credits and/or rewards (points or miles).
3. Collision Damage Waiver Insurance
Domestic—The University provides blanket coverage for collision, damage waiver, and liability insurance for domestic rental cars. Refer to Insurance for Business Travel for a full explanation of benefits.
• Renters should not purchase collision damage waiver insurance for domestic rentals.
International—The University does not provide blanket coverage for collision, damage waiver. and liability insurance for international rental cars.
• Renters can purchase collision damage waiver insurance for international rentals.
4. Travelers can make arrangements for work-related car rentals through the UChicago Preferred Travel Agency (Fox World Travel) or by visiting the University of Chicago’s custom webpage for booking business or personal car rentals with Enterprise/National.