Airfare – Domestic and International

  1. The University will pay for airline tickets up to least expensive non-refundable Economy/Coach fare
  • Airfare costs in excess of economy/coach airfare (i.e. First or Business Class are acceptable only when approved in advance by the respective Dean, Vice President or the Provost)
  • International travel funded by federal funds must comply with the Fly America Act which generally requires use of a U.S. Flag carrier
  • The following airline fees are not acceptable expenses:
    • Airline Club/Lounge (one-time access pass or annual membership). Refer to Financial Policy 1209 for additional information regarding Membership Fees
    • “Mileage Multiplier” programs (purchase additional miles per flight)
    • In-fight / movies
  1. Frequent Flyer Programs
  • The University allows travelers to accrue their own frequent flyer mileage for trips taken on University business
  • The University does not pay for tickets or upgrades purchased with personal airline credits and/or rewards (points or miles)
  1. Travelers can make airline arrangements through the U of C Preferred Travel Agency (Fox Travel) or by contacting the airline directly.
  2. Advance approval documentation must be provided for ALL First or Business Class travel. The approval documentation must state that a lower airfare would have:
  • Required circuitous routing
  • Required travel during unreasonable hours
  • Excessively prolonged travel
  • Greatly increased flight duration
  • Increased costs that would have offset transportation savings, or inadequately addressed the medical needs of the traveler
  • Some expenses may not be allowable to charge to federal grant accounts and should be charged to subaccount 9912
  • Compliance with Fly America Act for international travel on federal award
  1. First or Business Class travel requires documented pre-approval following the hierarchy demonstrated below:
  • President must be approved by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees
  • Provost must be approved by the President or Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer must be approved by the President
  • Deans must be approved by the Provost
  • Officers must be approved by either the Chief Financial Officer, Provost or President
  • First or Business Class travel for all other staff or faculty requires documented approval in advance by their respective Dean, Vice President, or the Provost
  1. Advance air, hotel deposits and registration fees (whether purchased on a personal credit card or your GEMS card) can be immediately reconciled and submitted in the GEMS expense reimbursement system
  2. Air Charter
  • The use of air charter is accepted under the following conditions:
    • Ticket cost should not exceed cost of standard economy air fare between departure and destination point
    • Must be a commercial service; the aircraft must be flown by the professional pilot provided by the service
  • Travelers can make air charter arrangements through the U of C Preferred Travel Agency (Fox Travel), an Independent Travel Agency, or by contacting the airline directly.
    • Contact Risk Management Dept. for approval before making arrangements
  • Documentation for air charter:
    • Passenger receipt or invoice
    • Coach air fare quote for comparison to amount requested
    • Explanation of why charter aircraft was required